December 2013

New Publication

The report "Update of Emission Factors for EURO 5 and EURO 6 Passenger Cars for the HBEFA Version 3.2", authored by TU Graz, is now available on ERMES website (PDF).

The current version 3.1 of the Handbook Emission Factors for Road Transport (HBEFA) was released. It includes emission factors for all relevant road vehicle types. As the measurements for the last update of HBEFA were carried out before mid-2009 the currently effective emission standard for passenger cars, EURO 5, as well as EURO 6 was not parameterised with measurement data. Instead, those categories had been mod-elled based on EURO 4 data and calibrated towards then-future technologies and emission limits. Now comprehensive measurement data on EURO 5 LDVs and some first data on EU-RO 6 cars are available. The measurements have been performed on roller test beds using the newly developed ERMES driving cycle beside the well-established CADC. Scope of the work was to integrate this new set of emission data into the upcoming version 3.2 of the HBEFA.