May 2014

Database for CO2 emissions assessment

The ICCT is assessing cars’ CO2 and fuel consumption official statements against measured data, in order to better represent the real-world behavior. ICCT wants to further follow this topic on a technical level and is interested to spend some more effort to explore the details for these increasing gaps by including more data sources.

The vehicle’s driving resistances have been identified as one of the most suspicious data sets concerning these CO2 gaps. ICCT’s idea is to develop a database including all available driving resistance datasets from independent European sources on Euro 5 and 6 LDVs, compare it with the official ones and to use vehicle emission models to estimate the effects of the differences in terms of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Therefore, ICCT calls for contribution from ERMES partners in order to collect the relevant data sets: 1. the time-speed data courses of the coast down experiments and 2. the derived driving resistance parameters used for dyno calibration.

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