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Coastdown measurement with 60-tonne truck and trailer Estimation of transmission, rolling and air resistance

By use of coastdown measurements, driving resistance parameters have been estimated for a truck with trailer (60t) and a box vehicle body. At a vehicle speed of 20 m/s, average meteorological wind conditions and a load factor of 50% the following distribution of the driving resistance components has been obtained....  Download this publication

Supporting Analysis regarding Test Procedure Flexibilities and Technology Deployment for Review of the Light Duty Vehicle CO2 Regulations

In December 2008 the European Parliament and Council reached an agreement through a codecision procedure on the details of the CO2 legislation for passenger cars, laid down in Regulation (EC) 443/2009. Besides the target of 130 g/km for 2015 and details of the way it is implemented, Regulation No 443/2009...  Download this publication

Update of Emission Factors for EURO 5 and EURO 6 Passenger Cars for the HBEFA Version 3.2

In January 2010 the current version 3.1 of the Handbook Emission Factors for Road Transport (HBEFA) was released. It includes emission factors for all relevant road vehicle types. As the measurements for the last update of HBEFA were carried out before mid-2009 the currently effective mission standard for passenger... Download this publication

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The European Research for Mobile Emission Sources (ERMES) is a group of research institutions, competent authorities, industry associations, whose mission includes the support of cooperative research in the field of transport emission modelling, policy, and practice.